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New DotA 2 Roster, Twitter Account and more



To better represent our transition from a guild to an organization and to help our dear English-Speaking followers pronounce the name correctly, we've renamed our Twitter Account to ArmataGamingOrg !

Fortunately, all tweets and followers have been automatically transfered so you shouldn't have to do anything !

DotA 2 Roster

DotA 2 is still in beta, so was our official team until yesterday ! Just in time for our tournament, we completed our roster with even a good sub ! The team will be represented by Volkano (captain), ^^DragonFist^^ (the top player from the 1.0 team), Eliteknives, Kursani and OnTheCloud.

By the way, you can now follow our new team on DotA Buff : !

League of Legends

Our League of Legends team is working very hard to make it to the LCS for season 4. They're actually the first Quebec team to have ever reached the Challenger division !

AG Open Tournament

We received a ton of good feedback after the first tournament we organized earlier this winter so we're back with more teams and more prizes :


That's it for this week folks !


Message #1 le 2012-7-27 @ 9:12:37 par Wakky:
Message #2 le 2012-7-27 @ 12:24:51 par Cerbere:
Bon , Ils ont stresser alors j'imagine qui doive bien péter.

( humour nul je sais )

Mais plus sérieusement , de quoi tu parle plus précisément pour les JO?
Message #3 le 2013-4-19 @ 16:18:54 par Statick:
Ave Xarek !
Message #4 le 2013-4-21 @ 0:17:48 par volkano:
Nice! Well, we're gonna try to practice a whole lot and we expect to show results pretty soon (hopefully as much as our LoL team :P)

Et bien, vous pouvez suivre nos résultats de pratique (en Team matchmaking, pcq vous pouvez pas voir nos scrims) On devrait pratiquer pas mal et on espere voir les résultats de nos efforts le plus tôt possible! (En esperant qu'on performe autant que les gars de LoL :P)